Changing Policy: Effective September 1st, 2013

21 Years Old & Over Only

Recent concerns over minors or youths accessing medical marijuana have been raised in the legislative community and by law enforcement officials. We find these concerns serious enough to warrant action even before legislation is passed.

As law enforcement and legislators work to address these concerns, we have reached out to members of the community at large about the issue. The most highly recommended solution was to raise the minimum age of our members, so that's what we have done. By design we have created a patient/caregiver relationship intended to protect everyone in our community, and we will continue to adapt our policies to insure even more protection for the youth of our community.

Ann Arbor has a vast and beautiful culture. We also have a major university with over 30,000 students, many under 21 years of age. We urge other dispensaries in our college based community to follow our age minimum policy and respect the voices that show concern.

Any current members of the Ann Arbor Wellness Collective under 21 years of age will be "grandfathered in" under our new policy and may continue to visit our provisioning center. All members with "grandfathered in" status will have their 2.5 ounce state limit reduced to 1.0 ounce and can not access edibles effective September 1, 2013.

We will not be accepting any new members under the age of 21 effective September 1, 2013.

Livonia Michigan Medical Marijuana Locator

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Marijuana Dispensary in Livonia, MI

A2 Wellness Collective Marijuana Dispensary is serving many people from Livonia MI today. There are many factors that make it somewhat difficult in Livonia and many other areas of the county to find a dispensary. We are just a short distance away and have a great selection of medical marijuana waiting for all valid MMMP card holders.

Medical Marijuana Doctor in Livonia MI

Getting your MMMP card in Livonia MI can be a challenge. Things seem somewhat unstable in the area regarding where a Doctor that does medical marijuana card registrations can be located. Just a few miles from Livonia is the A2 Wellness Collective, full service dispensary and medical marijuana card doctor.

Get your MMMP Doctors visit and your medical marijuana in one clean, safe, and professional environment. Free Parking!

Remember: There is a 21 day grace period from the time your documents are submitted to the MMMP, before you can visit our dispensary.

MMMP Marijuana lawyer in Livonia

MMMP Lawyer James Fifelski has handled many legal matters for our collective. James appears to be a leading expert in michigan medical marijuana. If you need a personal lawyer for these matters or a are a business needing guidance, please contact him directly.

Questions, comments or concerns for James? Visit

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